Guillaume Luccisano

Guillaume Luccisano

Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at Triplebyte & Socialcam, Angel Investor

October 2020 updates:

Back to France, after 10 incredible years spent in San Francisco. I’m a French Software Engineer & Entrepreneur.

Early at Twitch then co-founder at Socialcam which was acquired by Autodesk in 2012. Since 2015, co-founder & CTO at Triplebyte, the LinkedIn for Software Engineers, raised $50M so far. Did Y Combinator twice with both companies.

Angel Investor in 30+ startups.

I thrive in small and innovative fast-paced environments. I live and breathe the startup roller coaster.


Over the past few years, I have invested in over 30 startups in the US and in France. I enjoy giving back to the ecosystem and I’m a pro-entrepreneur investor.

Though mostly hands off, I’m happy to help however I can when needed by bringing my technical, product or entrepreneurial experience to the founders.

I’m a proud early investor in Algolia, Human Interest, Gorgias, Yubo, Sqreen, Upflow, Bodyport, Bearer, Powder, Airbyte, Lantern, Pandascore, Datakalab, Plato, Ravacan, Louis, EnterMeme, Sutra Fitness, Mindee, Biloba and a bunch more.


Gmail: guillaume.luccisano